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Medium Probes: Exploring the Medium not the Message

Type: Paper
Time: Tue 12:20 am - 01:40 am
Location: Ballroom 1
Session: Design Methods
Award: Winner


Frequently in information design, we lean toward selecting a platform based upon our knowledge, values, and interests, independent of our audienceƕs practices with information. We found ourselves facing this issue when seeking a technology platform to increase access to learning resources for parents within a financially depressed community. We did not want to choose a platform based upon our biases, yet it was difficult for community members to engage in conversations about technology. We looked at cultural probes and technology probes as methods to seed dialogue within the community. However, neither directly addressed the goal of engaging the community with discussions of information medium In response, we developed the Medium Probe, which meets this goal by placing the focus on the experience of using multiple mediums to respond to prompts, rather than the responses themself.